Emily Usinger

English 150 HD




The documentary Nourish discussed many valuable questions that people often have about food. People buy and eat food without thinking about who grew their food or what pesticides were used. Nourish also addressed topics such as the role that corn plays in almost all fast foods and junk foods. People don’t consider that every food item has a story before it appears onto the plate.

Every human being on Earth has something in common; they all eat. Nourish related several people from around the world with different backgrounds. Each of these people displayed their farming techniques and the crops they grew. The crops were followed from were they are grown all the way to production. Corn, for example, is grown as a mono-crop and several different pesticides are used. Pesticides are not only used to protect the crop from pests, but also to replenish the soil. The corn then either sent to the feedlots for livestock or is made into tortillas and chips. Corn is processed into high fructose corn syrup, which is found in sodas, sweets, and frying oils. Corn syrup being found in so many related products creates a high rate for diseases such as diabetes. A doctor on the documentary stated that nine year olds are possessing high cholesterol. This generation of people is eating 300 more calories a day than before. All this over consumption is creating extinction of ninety percent of big fish species. If people continue their current ways of eating, there will be numerous consequences in the long run.

This documentary brought to light many different aspects that I have never considered. Not only are pesticides unhealthy to eat, they leach into the Gulf of Mexico creating dead zones killing marine life. I learned that corn is one of largest commodities. It is found in almost every single snack food and over consumption can create health related issues. Organic foods are not always truly organic. Organic just means that the amount of pesticides used is limited. If a consumer wants to actually find how their food is grown they would have to research. Food scientists are continually finding ways to make food taste better to expand product growth. Each food item has a story to tell, it is just up to the consumer whether or not they want to investigate that story.


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