The Risks of Cloned Food

Emily Usinger

English 150 HD


The Risks of Cloned Food


People love to eat, which is why making sure there is enough food is important. Animal cloning has been a solution to this problem. After much debate, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that meat and dairy products from cloned cows, pigs, and goats are safe for consumption. On the other hand, the Center for Food Safety has petitioned the FDA to re-evaluate the safety of cloned animals. There are numerous factors that contribute to the argument of whether cloned products should be consumed.

Although cloned products have been determined safe, no one really knows the true risks of cloned animal products entering the food-supply. Some cloned animals are said to be born sick and die unexpectedly. Scientists cannot tell us why this happens, but according to “Is Cloned Food Safe?” by Lisa Farino; about half of the cloned animals die unexpectedly. The cloning of animals can create chromosomal abnormalities and problems with gene expression. Farino states that the FDA review process has not addressed these issues. Another problem that appears with cloning is that companies are not permitted to label their product if it is from a normal or cloned animal. The only way to assure that food is clone-free is to eat organic food. The FDA is currently trying to resolve this problem by putting radio frequency identification tags on the animals’ ears. This will allow slaughterhouses to separate and track meat from cloned animals. Even though animal cloning can provided mass production there are risks that also contribute.

Animal cloning appears to be an interesting way for producers to expand their product. A question that arises concern is then why are some producers refusing to use this method? Even though cloning has been stated to be safe there is still hesitation to release certain products onto the market. Until further research is created the issue on whether cloned food is safe for consumption will still stand.



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