Waging a Living Free Write

Emily Usinger

English 150 HD


Waging a Living Free Write

The documentary and interview, “Waging a Living”, opened my eyes into the life of families suffering in the lower classes. The documentary followed three single mothers and one man to show the similarities and contrasts each person possesses in their everyday lives. I experienced several different emotions, including heartbreak and joy after viewing this film.

This documentary made me realize how fortunate it is to be in the middle or upper class. The lower income families had to struggle with making ends meet. Once they got a raise or higher position the government would start to give them less help. This aspect I found very depressing, it was almost as if they would never be able to get out of their poverty. It seemed as if the government was pushing them down. Some could argue that the effort made to get out of poverty could have the possibility of burring people deeper into it.  The mothers also had to go through this struggle for the most part alone. It was shocking to see one person working, who makes minimum wage, also has to support three or more children. I found it extremely overwhelming to view these people’s hardships.

The documentary portrays another side of life. Although in life many people go through several struggles, it is as if the lower class is constantly in a battle.  It is depressing to see this people give up hope and their dreams of how an American life should be. At the end of the film every family was able to gain closure and a fewer more benefits to make their lives more livable. Even though the ending is uplifting, that is not the case for every family suffering in the lower class.

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